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Mail In Repairs - Cell Phone Repair Center Dallas, Texas

Get your iPhone or iPad screen repaired Fast while you wait!

Nationwide Repair Service here at Cell Phone Repair Center Dallas, Texas 75252 Call and Arrange for your Apple iPHONE Cell Phone or mobile phone repairs by sending in your device to Cell Phone Repair Center in Dallas, Texas. We offer skilled repairs and solutions for your Apple iPHONE Cell Phone and cellular device's malfunctions. Contact our cell phone service right away at (972) 931-8600 to avoid having to purchase a new phone.

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National Repair

Prior to mailing your cell phone, fill out our online form


Then ship your cell phone, along with the repair request form, to the address provided below:


Cell Phone Repair Center of Dallas
19009 Preston Road, Suite 202
Dallas, Texas 75252


Upon receiving your cell phone, one of our Cell Phone Repair Center technicians will contact you to confirm your receipt and
go over the repair service with you. If you do not hear from us more than five days after your cell phone was shipped,
contact us to make sure we received your mobile device.

If you're hesitant about shipping or have questions on the process, e-mail or
call us at (972) 931-8600 in Dallas, Texas, during our business hours.


Free Estimates

Low Price High End Service

Contact Cell Phone Repair Center Dallas, Texas today 972-931-8600 for a iPHONE, Cell Phone Repair, iPAD, iPOD or other mobile device.  Cell Phone Repair Center believes that you should always be treated like family.  If you can't make it to our shop please ship you cell phone directly to our shop for fast same day repair in most cases.  Water damage takes more time depending on how bad the damage is.


Mail In Repair Service


Hours of Operation

10:00 a.m.–6:00 p.m.
10:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m.

Sunday by Appointment

Call 972-467-1030


Cell Phone Repair Center can repair your cell phone for you and ship back.  We repair Cell Phones of all types including iPad, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy models and Blackberry's.  Call for details


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