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Get your iPhone or iPad screen repaired Fast while you wait!

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Diagnose your Apple iPHONE Cell Phone or mobile device's technical problems with the help of our cell phones store in Dallas, Texas. Once you've determined the problem, either send in your phone to Cell Phone Repair Center for repair or contact us at (972) 931-8600 to discuss other alternatives.

Common Cell Phone Problems

Cracked Lenses Versus Cracked Display
Cracked lenses.

White or Blank Screen
This happens when the cable to your display comes loose or breaks due to dropping the phone.

Black/Ink, Bleeding, Spots, or Tie-Dye in Display
These spots occur when you drop your phone and it needs a new LCD screen.

Buttons or Keypad Sticking or Not Working
Malfunctioning buttons can be caused by dirt or water damage.

Phone Not Charging
The culprit to this problem may be a broken charging port, water damage.

Physical Damage
If your phone is broken into several pieces but the circuit board is in good condition, we can replace the case and display to make phone look brand new.

Sound Issues
Bad ear speakers and microphones.

Service Connection Issues
Possible problems could be water damage, bad software, a bad circuit board, disconnection of your service provider, or a faulty Sims card.

Cosmetic Issues
Is your phone scratched or just not looking good anymore?

Data Transfer

If you bought a new phone and need the information off your old one, turn to Cell Phone Repair Center for your data transfer.

PDA - Cell Phone Repair


Your basic PDA or cell phone typically has both a lens and an LCD screen, so if your phone is dropped the lens is there to protect your LCD. In the event your cell phone catches a corner of a desk and busts, we have the cell phone repair parts to fix it without a problem.


Cracked displays on an iPod™ or Apple iPHONE Cell Phone can be costly, depending on the type of cell phone model. For example, depending on which version (2G, 3G, 3GS, 4G 4GS, 5), repairs are expensive because they include several key components, including a digitizer and LCD. Always know what style you have when talking to your cell phone service center, so you aren't overspending on your repairs.

The average cost for an iPhone is $500 to $600, which may or may not include having to sign a new contract. 


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Cell Phone Repair Center can repair your cell phone for you and ship back.  We repair Cell Phones of all types including iPad, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy models and Blackberry's.  Call for details


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